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Our Tri-Blend Mushroom Tincture (1oz) is a must-have for anyone looking for a healthy boost in their daily routine. This is a carefullt curated blend of Lions Mane, Reishi, and Turkey Tail extract. Just two droppers a day of our DUAL EXTRACTED Tri-Blend tincture can be taken by mouth, or added to your morning coffee, tea, or smoothies to enjoy the benefits. NO fillers, NO mycelium, preservatives, or GMO's! We make all tinctures from mushrooms grown right here on our farm.


Our medicinal extracts are made with a 50/50 extraction of water soluble and alcohol soluble nutrients reduced down into a potent mixture. 


To be used as a dietary supplement only. Consult with a doctor or physician before using to treat any disease or sickness. Keep away from children. We do not make any claims to cure any disease or illness.

Tri-Blend Mushroom Tincture | Double Extract (1oz)

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